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What We Offer

Our team of compassionate professionals will provide your child and family with individually tailored services designed to overcome a wide range of emotional, behavioral or relationship problems.  We’ll work together to help your child: Increase positive behaviors at home and in school, strengthen social skills and self-esteem, develop self-control and manage anger, restabilize following a psychiatric crisis, succeed in school, decrease conflict with family members, teachers and peers, heal from traumatic effects of abuse, and  recover from emotional distress. We service children and families in multiple counties throughout the state of New Jersey. Our services include:

        • Intensive In-Home Counseling
        • Individual Therapy
        • Family Therapy
        • Tutoring Assistance
      • Parenting Skills/Coaching
      • Outpatient Therapy
      • Behavioral Assistant Services
      • Clinical Summaries (CMO requested service)
    • Mentoring Services
    • Biopsychosocial Needs Assessment (BPS / Strength & Needs)

Explore Our Services

Intensive In-Community Services (IIC)- are in-home therapeutic services, intended for a restoration of a youth's functional level after a decline related to behavioral health episode or a significant life stressor or trauma. These services are provided by licensed practitioners, and may include individual and/or family therapy interventions.

Behavioral Assistance (BA)- is a process of intervention and ongoing evaluation resulting in effective modification of a youth's identified behavior(s). The services involve applying positive behavioral principles within the community, using culturally based norms to foster behaviors that are rehabilitative and restorative. The interventions utilized by the behavioral assistant should result in sustainable positive behavioral changes that improve functioning in a variety of life domains. A bachelor’s level clinician provides these services.

BioPsychoSocial Assessments (BPS)- is an assessment also known as a strength and needs assessment authorized by PerformCare or our providers in order to make an accurate evaluation of your child's needs and the most appropriate resources or services. Licensed practitioners who must also be certified in strength and needs assessments provide these services.

Mentoring- guidance offered to a protégée by a more experienced and knowledgeable staff person through communication, role modeling positive behaviors, providing encouragement, support, and unconditional positive regard. A trained high school level support staff can provide these services.

Outpatient Therapy- outpatient services at ECM are clinical services that include individual, group, or family therapy. Psychiatric services that include psychiatric evaluation and medication management will be added in the near future. Please call our office to inquire about this service.

Parenting and Skill-Building- Parenting and skill-building is designed to assist parents with parental effectiveness by establishing a clear parenting philosophy and learning how to incorporate a set of positive parenting skills and strategies that can be used immediately to address a variety of child-rearing challenges and problems. Licensed practitioners provide these services.

Tutoring Assistance- one-on-one tutoring assistance (assistance can be provided in-home or in our office). A qualified high school level support staff can provide these services.

Service Areas By County

Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Union, Warren 

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